Iron Wheel Guest Ranch

John & Sherry Cargill
40 Cedar Hills Road Whitehall, MT 59759

2014 Year End Report

It was a good year, the winter provided lots of snow for lion hunting and lot of moisture for the summer

fishing. Probably one of the best years for run-off in the rivers in a long time. Caught a lot of rainbow,

browns a few brookies and some cutthroat and even a few grayling. This year is looking like good snow

in the mountains as well. Summer was busy with trail riders and fishing was very productive.

Spring bear is always a great time to be in the woods! John saw a lot of bears this year, most are still

waiting for a warm home to move into. There were missed opportunities, and turned down bears.

We went into fall archery with a pretty full plate. We saw and heard bulls all the time but getting close

was – well archery hunting- tough to do. We did harvest two really nice archery bulls, one bull missed,

and a brown color phased bear with a bow, a first for us.

Mountain goats are much more wary than one would think. Goats are very alert and graceful as well as

the extreme conditions they live in, but we had a successful hunt for a gentleman from California. He

Rifle season saw our returning guides Scott and Matt, Forest was new to the crew and was there during

archery to learn the areas. We had an excellent cook for part of archery and all of rifle season, Josh did

very well. The weather was a bit erratic but it all worked out very well. The landowner has reduced the

amount of cattle grazing on the property and it is sure to continue to enhance the feed and resources

for the elk and deer. We had 20 rifle elk hunters and harvested 17 bull elk, 2 hunters passed on bulls

and one wounded an elk, two mule deer were taken as well. There was a 7 X 7 bull and one 5 point the

rest were 6 X 6 bulls. This year we had one deer hunter that got a really nice 4X4, overall the deer were

down a bit but the elk more than made up for it.

Finishing off the year with lion hunts is Scott’s favorite, for John it is bears, Scott it is cats. This winter he

has been on 7 harvested lion, and has a few bobcats thrown in too

There are fish to be caught, and bears, deer, elk and lions

to harvest, come have some fun!!!

Give us a call for the 2015 or 2016 season and let us get your dates set. Should be another great year!

John, Sherry & Scott Cargill 406-494-2960