Deer Hunts

We have acquired more property to hunt from the Dry Creek Ranch. We have leased some adjoining properties, and will be offering mule deer and whitetail deer hunts. There will be two hunters per guide for $4300 per hunter. There will be an option to harvest an elk if opportunity knocks, for an additional $1000 for a cow or $3500 for a bull elk 5X5 or better. This is not an elk hunt, it is primarily a deer hunt, based out of the same hunting facility. There is also the option to harvest an incidental bear for an additional $1000, the bears are seen during archery, and depending on weather during the first two weeks of general season. Deer only license will be $602.00. Due to an initiative the licenses may be on a drawing, but we had deer licenses left over the last year, so we do not anticipate any problem getting a deer license if you apply by March 15th. We will assist you in the licensing process. A 50% deposit is required to confirm any hunt. These dates should reflect the best rutting times for the deer.

1st hunt November 5th Nov 6th – 10th November 11th Sat

2nd hunt November 12th Nov 13th – 19th November 20st Sat

Eastern Montana Deer Hunt: Depart to camp Nov 21st Nov 22nd – Nov 26th Depart Nov 27th


Antelope Hunts

We will be offering antelope hunts on private lands in Eastern Montana this fall as well, they will be 2 hunters per guide for $2800.00 each. These trips are four days of hunting. You will be staying in a camper. If you draw a tag we will set your dates.  Antelope tags are $350.
Additional Information

Getting a license: All dates and license prices are pending final approval from MT FWP. This year license for elk/deer combo tag will be $1001.00, elk tag only is $858 and deer only tags will be $602.00. Hunting applications should be available at the first part of the year. If you do not draw a license and applied before March 15th of the hunt year we will either refund your deposit or forward your deposit to the following year.

References available on request.

Additional Expenses: Any animal you wish to mount will be completely caped and cared for in a professional manner. We own and operate Cedar Hills Taxidermy.

Accommodations: Any accommodations you want other that those provided will be at your own expense.

Only moderate drinking will be acceptable, no excessive drinking is allowed, this could terminate your hunt. We do not provide any alcohol

Your meat will be taken to the Butte processing plant for cutting and wrapping if necessary. All meat processing and shipping or extra care is at your expense.

When staying at Iron wheel Guest Ranch (Cargill’s) there is a $35.00 per person per night charge for the night stay, dinner and breakfast.

Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA) is the only organization that promotes and protects non-resident rights to hunt in Montana through the non-resident hunter angler defense fund(HADF), we require that each person contribute a minimum of $100.00 to the HADF program.


Gratuities: Your guides, packers and cooks work very hard for you, usually very long hours every day. Normal tips range from $200.00 and up for camp hands, packers and cooks. Guides normally receive $1000.00 and up, $1000.00+ is not unusual. ALL TIPS ARE PER HUNTER. If you feel the camp staff has done a good job please tip accordingly.


Cancellations: No deposits will be refunded, if you draw a license. If you do not draw a license and applied before March 15th of the hunt year we will either refund or forward your deposit to the following year.


Permitted on: This institution is operated under special use permits with the following National Forests: Kootenai, Lolo, and Beaverhead/Deerlodge National Forest, as well as BLM and State lands. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Member of: Montana Outfitters and Guides Association, National Rifle Association, North American Hunting Club, Safari Club International and America Outdoors


Iron Wheel Guest Ranch & Cargill Outfitters

John & Sherry & Scott Cargill License #201