Elk / Mule Deer / Black Bear

Super Successful Dry Creek Ranch – This is one of the finest private leases in Montana, consisting of about 25,000 acres of privately managed quality big game habitat.  The ranch is surrounded by other large private ranches, which has created some real trophy quality elk herds. Our largest bull taken scored a whopping 409 7/8 gross score, and ranks number 13 ever taken in Montana.  Every year some real trophies are seen, some are shot, and some live to see another year.  Not everyone will kill or even see a 350 or better bull, but they are there.   The terrain encompasses 40 square miles of canyons and timber with lots of hiding places.  Big bulls do just that, hide until found or they make a mistake.  In order to get a big bull you need to be in an area that has big bulls.  Average years opportunity is from 75% to 85% on 5 point or better bulls.  Weather, hunter’s abilities, and luck all play a part in hunting.  In 2017 our average bull taken was over 300 gross score.  Our experienced guides and knowledge of the area is where our high success rate comes from.


We have a good population of mule deer ranging from 20” to 28”.  Whitetail deer call certain areas of the ranch home as well and some nice whitetail are taken.


We operate out of two camps will be with 2 to 5 hunters per camp. First camp consists of a three story log lodge built in 2004.  This cabin is  comfortable and lots of room.  There is a shower area and generator electricity is available but we use outdoor plumbing.  Camps are in a mountainous area with no running water.  Generators are used for electricity and modest shower facilities are available in both camps.  In second camp there is a new two story facility with generator electricity and an on demand hot water shower.  Client’s vehicles will be left at a designated parking area on the ranch or at the IWGR.  Mode of hunting travel will be primarily  4X4 Polaris Rangers and stalking on foot.  We can accommodate about any kind of hunter from the relaxed laid back person to the young and vigorous.


Elk harvested must be 5×5 or better and deer must be 4×4 or better, continuing to ensure the quality of game for the future.  An occasional fall black bear is encountered and a separate license is required for that ($350.00; must be purchased 24 hours prior)  There is a $1000 trophy fee for any deer or bear taken.   These hunts are for 7 days 5 full days of hunting time, cost for two hunters per guide is  $8200 each, and for private guide cost is $9500.    If you wound an animal and the guide feels it is a fatal wound the outfitter has the option to terminate your hunt for that species.

License cost for 2019 is $1041.00 for deer and elk combo, $885 for elk only. These license must be applied for by March 15th.


2019 prices 1/1  $9500     2/1  $8200/hunter


2019 Hunting Dates
2019 Rifle 7 day trips with 5 days hunting time

1st hunt:  October 25th ~ hunt October 26th – October 30th ~ depart October 31st

2nd hunt:  arrive November 2nd ~ hunt November 3rd – November 7th~ depart November 8th

3rd hunt: SOLD OUT arrive November 10th ~ hunt November 11th – November 15th ~ depart November 16th

4th hunt:  arrive November 18th ~ hunt November 19th – November 23rd ~ depart November 24th



2020 prices 1/1  $please inquire      2/1  $8500/hunter


2020 Hunting Dates
2020 Rifle 7 day trips with 5 days hunting time

1st hunt:  arrive October 23rd ~ hunt October 24th – October 28th ~ depart October 29th

2nd hunt:  arrive October 31st ~ hunt November 1st – November 5 ~ depart November 6th

3rd hunt: arrive November 8th ~ hunt November 9th – November 13th ~ depart November 14th

4th hunt: arrive November 16th ~ hunt November 17th – November 21st ~ depart November 22nd

We will advise you for 2020 license fees when adopted.


Photo Gallery – Elk


Photo Gallery – Bears