Dry Creek Archery Hunts

We operate on approximately 25,000 acres of private land that has prime deer and elk habitat. Archery hunting can be awesome,  if hit at the right time there are lots of bulls making lots of noise. If you want a high quality, high success hunt of a lifetime, reserve your spot and join us on the Dry Creek Ranch. A 7-day trip with 5 full days of hunting time and a full-time guide will hopefully provide you with an opportunity at a nice bull.  Maximum of 4 hunters per week.

After many years of trial and error and frustrations, we have decided to try a new approach. Often, if we had that third hunter in camp we would have gotten that bull. If the bull comes in close someone will have an opportunity to get that bull, could be you or one of your partners. Upon request we do offer three on one archery hunts. There is a harvest fee for any deer taken. There is an additional fee for any deer or bear wounded or taken.

All deer must be 4 points per side or better; there is a harvest/wound fee. There is also an option to harvest an incidental black bear during this hunt for an additional fee. Black bears are often seen during the archery seasons, both brown and black color phases. You must purchase a black bear tag 24 hours prior to hunting, please see for up to date pricing. If you wound an animal and the guide feels it is a fatal wound the outfitter has the option to terminate your hunt for that species at that time.

License costs change each year and is announced in February of the hunt year. An archery stamp is required.



Please contact us for information on open dates for archery hunts.


*All clients are required to have a deposit and a signed contract in place to hold a hunt; required by the Montana Board of Outfitters.


Other Information About These Hunts

Additional Expenses:

  • Any animal you wish to mount will be completely caped and care.
  • Your meat will be taken to a processing plant for cutting and wrapping if necessary.  Meat processing and shipping or extra care is at your expense.


Your guides, packers and cooks work very hard for you putting in long hours every day.   Normal tips range $200.00+ for camp hands, packers and cooks; guides normally receive $1000.00+.

ALL TIPS ARE PER HUNTER. If you feel the camp staff has done a good job please tip accordingly.


  • Any accommodations you want other that those provided will be at your own expense. Should you choose not to stay on site your hunting times may be affected.
  • If you would like to stay at the Iron wheel Guest Ranch (our home base) for the night before your hunt begins or the night after it ends, there is a $75.00 per person per night charge for the night stay.


Only moderate drinking will be acceptable, no excessive drinking is allowed, this could terminate your hunt. We do not provide any alcohol but will give you the opportunity to purchase alcohol before heading into camp.


No deposits will be refunded, if you draw a license. If you do not draw a license for the hunt year we will either refund or forward your deposit to the following year.

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance.  Please visit:

Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA) is the only organization that promotes and protects non-resident rights to hunt in Montana through the non-resident hunter angler defense fund(HADF), we require that each person contribute a minimum of $100.00 to the HADF program.